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Be Brave & Dream Big Sticker pack

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🌟 **Inspire and Uplift with Our "Be Brave" and "Dream Big" Stickers!** 🌟

Facing a tough time or supporting a heart patient on their journey? Our **"Be Brave"** and **"Dream Big"** stickers are perfect for offering daily encouragement. **"Be Brave"** reminds you to embrace courage in every heartbeat, while **"Dream Big"** encourages you to keep your aspirations alive despite the hurdles. Made with high-quality materials, these stickers are ideal for any surface, serving as a constant source of strength and hope. Gift a set today and let these powerful messages inspire a brighter, hopeful tomorrow. 🌈✨


**Note:** These are the same stickers included in the coping tool kits at Columbia NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.