Raised in the hard streets of Far Rockaway Queens NY. Daniel Larios also known as the Cardiartist was diagnosed with congenital heart defect at 4 years old and since then he endured several heart surgeries throughout his childhood and into his adult life. He's been blessed with artistic talent and has created logos and brand identities for several businesses. This time around he chose to create a logo that represents how he got through his painful journey as a heart patient. Millions of heart patients around the world can empathize as they have endured the same anxiety pre surgery, the painful recovery process post surgery,  and the life-changing scars that are left inside and out.

This logo was created during a bleak, frail, low point in his life when he was told he had a 50/50 chance of surviving. This is when he chose to focus on the one thing that has kept healing him since the age of 4…art.  He was determined to use the second chance God gave him and create something that would help millions of hearts unite.

"The Cardiartist is Born, to help us, “Put on a brave face” because unlike a superhero, Cardiartist is far from perfect but like myself and every other person with CHD, the one thing that we've all perfected is courage." -Cardiartist